Boat Accident Lawyers
Recreational boating activities are meant to be fun. Unfortunately, those careless and drunk boaters often cause accidents that can result in a catastrophic injury or death.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a boating incident you will require the services of a suitable firm of boat accident lawyers.

Talking to boat accident lawyers that have experience in representing a client involved in a boating incident is necessary to recover compensation deserved for an injury sustained at sea.

A victim of a boating accident might be entitled to damages such as:

• Hospitalization and on going care
• Damage to property
• Reduced quality of Life
• Rehabilitation
• Pain and suffering
• Loss of Wages

Due to some of the inherent dangers that are involved with boating, operators of boats are expected to maintain a high standard of care to avoid injury to passengers on board and others out on the open sea.

A boating accident can occur as a result of a collision with another boat or object (underwater), overboard falls, sinking, reckless driving, or defective gear, to mention a few. But a victim themselves can be found partially at fault if they were acting recklessly at the moment of the boating accident.

Alcohol consumption is believed to account for almost one third of pleasure boating fatalities, a figure that continues to increase. Sadly, alcohol, negligence, and carelessness are a dangerous combination that can result in a tragic consequence for innocent people.

Injuries suffered as a consequence of a boat accident can often be severe and life threatening. Possible injuries can include spinal damage, fractures, dislocated or broken limb or bones, or even the possibility of loosing a limb.

The popularity of recreational boating has almost tripled in the last decade, with almost 13.7 million boats and personal watercraft (PWC) registered in the US. The top ranking goes to Florida, closely followed by California and Minnesota in respect of the most registered boats.

Maritime and boating laws are put into effect to prevent a variety of accidents, fatalities and injuries that occur on the waterways. These regulations and laws are specific to water vehicles, such as recreation boat operator, cruise liners, maritime workers, and passengers.

If unfortunate enough to be involved in a boating incident, the first thing that needs to be done (after actually reporting it) is to get a firm of boat accident lawyers on your side.


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