Build a Kayak
If you are interested in kayak plans or the primary methods to build a Kayak, take a note of the following –

Strip Built Kayaks - the use of thin strips (¼” thick by ¾” wide) of lightweight wood that’s glued edge-on and coated once finished in a fiberglass cloth and epoxy to make a very strong, waterproof kayak. A common material used is cedar due to its ability to bend and its weight. This construction method offers flexibility to the builder in the shape that isn’t possible in other styles.

Stitch & Glue Kayaks – this method uses pre-cut panels of plywood, cut to specific shapes, which are stitched together with the help of wire or cable ties. Those panels are then epoxied (or glued) permanently and coated with fiberglass cloth on the outside.

Skin on Frame – these kayaks are constructed of a wooden (often plywood) framework which has been pegged and lashed together. The skin for the frame is often coated in a nylon or canvas material. An aluminum frame with a plywood outer coating is also common.

Fiberglass & Roto Molded – these are methods are typically redistricted to Kayaks that are commercially manufactured.

Kayak plans and instructions to construct a Kayak can be located:

Guillemot Kayaks – a variety of designs styles to choose from, such as Guillemot (Sleek upswept ends, soft chines and a shallow V bottom), Great Auk (Soft chines, plumb bow & stern and with a rounded bottom), Night Heron (high chines and up swept ends), and a selection of other designs and ideas. Cost of the plans varies, dependent on the design & construction method – prices range from $60 to $110.

Bateau – Boat plans for the amateur builder. Plans include the Chenoa 12', 14 & 16' (a traditional Native American style, single chine design), Hiawatha 12', 14 & 16' (again a traditional Native American design, this time a double chine version), Orca 17' (expedition touring, ample stability, and to safely carry a large load) and the Orca 21' (extended touring kayak, double or triple, with ample stability and large load). Basic plans cost $30 to $65, with full Epoxy-Fiberglass Kits ranging in price from $150 to $279.

Glen-L Boat Plans – A variety of paddle power boat building projects. Plans include 9' Kadyak (kid’s kayak), 12' & 14' Can-Yak (Canoe-Kayak), 13' & 15' Kayak (flat-bottom kayak), 17' Sea Kayak (S & G touring kayak), and 20' Sea Kayak Two (S & G two person touring kayak). Also offered are Canoe, Skiff, Row, Fold Up, and Pedal-It plans. Kayak plans & patterns cost $46 for the smallest to $106 for the largest – with Kits also available.

These are just a few of the places where instructions, kits and plans can be found to build a kayak.


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