Gregor Fishing Boats
George Gregory formed the Gregory Boat Company back in 1964 when he patented the Thermotrol Welding System. His first 13’ Gregor Fishing Boats set a new standard for manufacturing in the boating industry.

Gregor Fishing Boats are known for their high standards in quality control. They have been improving on their process since they produced the first Thermotrol welded Gregor boat. They are constantly improving the set of standards for boating. The staff is always looking for new ways to improve on consumer safety. They also have designed each and every Gregor boat with the consumer in mind by designing them with the latest and greatest in comfort and durability.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these water craft, this company offers several different models and styles.

The Ocean Series line of Gregor Fishing Boats are either 22’ or 20’ long and are ideal for the rougher water that you will come across when you put out to sea. These models have a deep-V hull design with a Hydroflow keel as well as a flared clipper bow. They are equipped with a console helm that has a windshield and a built-in grab handle. These models also have mechanical steering with an S.S. steering wheel and a lighted instrument panel that includes a tachometer, voltmeter, fuel gauge, and a fused-switches horn. They come with a bilge pump and a self-bailing motor well.

The cockpit floor is covered in marine vinyl and there is a bow casting platform that allows you to cast off with greater ease. There are shelves for storing your rods and a fish box as well as anchor storage. The 20’ model is 120hp and the 22’ model is 140hp.

Gregor also manufacturers the Super Sea Hawk Series which includes the Super Sea Hawk that is 21’ 3” long and the Super Sea Hawk 19 which is 19’3” long. Both models have the same hull construction and keel system as the Ocean Series models do. These models have a welded-in console and windshield as well as the mechanical steering with a S.S. steering wheel. They also have the complete lighted instrument panel with all the same features that the Ocean Series models have.

The motor well is self bailing. The cockpit floor as well as the bow is both covered with marine vinyl. Both models have a built in 50 gallon fuel systems. The Super Sea Hawk 21 also comes with a built in ice chest storage at the stern. Both units also come with a one piece bottom and injection foam flotation. The Super Sea Hawk is 140hp and the Super Seahawk 19 is 120hp.

Now if you are into something a little more basic the Gregor Boat Company also offers the Angler series. This model comes in the Angler 15 and the Angler 17. These are the latest edition to the Gregory Boat Company tiller-steered utility series. These boats are built wide and deep and offer the same rugged construction as all the other Gregor Fishing Boats.

The 15 is set up for a 30 H.P engine and the 17 for a 40 H. P. engine. These boats include rod side storage trays as well as under seat storage compartments. These units also come with a clipper shaped bow and a Hydroflow keel. They have full length flat floorboards and level foam flotation. These boats are the small angler’s dream.

As you can see, Gregor Fishing Boats offer a large selection to fit any fisherman’s needs. They are all built extremely safe and with all the comforts to have a great day on the water.

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