Magic Power Boats
If you are interested in purchasing a high-quality power boat, you may want to check into the full line of watercraft available from Magic Power Boats.

This company has acquired a well-earned reputation for building sleek and high-precision speed boats.

One model of speed boat that is available from Magic Power Boats is the 44’ Scepter. The total dimensions of this luxurious power boat are 44x12x8. This craft includes a living room with a 36” flat screen television set, a kitchen galley, and a saloon cabin area that has a king-sized bed in it. It also has a full bathroom with a shower. It can make you feel like you are on the most luxurious of yachts.

Another model of power boat that is available from Magic is the 34’ Scepter. Although not quite as luxurious as the 44’ Scepter, this model has plenty of extra features. It has a fully enclosed bathroom and ample cabin space. This model also has a flat screen television as well as a microwave and a built-in DVD player. It has a twin engine motor design and a double air entrapment hull. It also has a full fiberglass liner as well as a deep offshore style cockpit that gives you an added sense of security as you plane across the water.

If the cost of one of these two luxurious members of the Scepter family is beyond your means, there are other models of boats from Magic that have special features of their own and are much more affordable.

The 34’ Sorcerer from Magic Powerboats is one of the quickest power boats on the market. It has a deep-V design as well as easy access to its engine compartment. This model also has electrical drop-out bolsters and electric cabin doors.

The 30’ Scepter model features an air entrapment system as well as a step bottom hull. It also has a cab forward off shore cockpit design and an integrated swimming platform.

Magic also has the 29’ Wizard that has an expanded cockpit with a fiberglass inner floor. It also has hull integrated navigational lights, electric drop-out boosters, elliptical bow rails, and pop-up cleats.

Magic Power Boats also manufactures Sleek Power Boats. These marvels of modern technology epitomize the perfect speed boat. One model of these Sleek Power Boats is the Sleekcraft 30’ SSB Heritage model. This boat features a fiberglass cockpit as well as a deep-V serpentine step bottom. It also has the electric drop-out boosters. This single-engine offshore boat is ideal for making great turns and planning across the water.

The Sleekcraft 34’ SSB Heritage is open-bowed and has a large cabin area. This model also includes an electric dual ram engine cover, an electric drop-out booster system, and Dana trim tabs. A Garmin 2006C GPS Mapping System and a depth finder can help you to negotiate the trickiest waterways. This model has an integrated swimming platform that has a pull-up ladder included. It also has an expansive audio system that includes a 10 disc CD changer.

For more details and a price list for the various Magic Power Boats that are listed here as well as information about the whole line of Magic and Sleek Power Boats, you can contact the manufacturer. You can address any correspondence to the Lake Havasu Factory, Finance, and Sales, 1100 North Lake Havasu Avenue, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 86403. You can also call the Sales department at 928-680-7600.

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