VHF Marine Radios
Very High Frequency (VHF) marine radios are often seem as one essential item of kit to have onboard a vessel.

Marine VHF radios are design to accommodate most needs, with a choice of a portable handheld unit or fixed mounted version, to offer the communication device of choice for those at sea.

Having the opportunity to get in touch with other boat owners while out on large bodies of water is one certain way to increase safety.

The usable distance of a VHF transceiver often depends on different variables, such as caliber of radio, antenna height, and weather conditions. An effective reach of 5 to 25 miles is often seen to be the case.

A marine radio is built to offer ease in operation, as well as being able to stand up to the harsh conditions on the water, such as shock, dust, vibration, and moisture. A handheld unit is perfect as a spare or back up to a mounted unit and copes well if drop overboard, with recent models built to float. VHF Marine Radios

Marine specified VHF radios deliver a more consistent and effective reception in a nautical environment than a CB radio or mobile phone. A boat radio features specific channels to communicate in case of emergency or distress. Channel 16 is reserved for distress calls. The United States Coast Guard (USCG) will monitor such channels. An additional safety feature is the ability to receive real-time weather reports.

VHF marine radios offer a crucial component of safety at sea. No boat should set off in open waters without a marine VHF on board. And these two-way communication sets can often be found at an affordable price.


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