Bareboat Charter
Experience the vacation of a life time on board a luxury yacht while cruising the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, or the Bahamas.

Bareboat charter is the basis of hiring a vessel, without a skipper, crew or provisions on board. It is the responsibility of a designated captain to take control of the craft. A fee to charter the vessel will be based on a set period of time.

To charter a yacht it is necessary to satisfy a charter management company of previous boating or handling experience. This can include skippering or owning a vessel of a similar size and class within a certain period of time, or to hold a recognized boating qualification or certificate.

If intending on chartering a vessel at 40' or so, it can also be necessary to have at least two competent crew members on board in addition to the designated skipper.

If wishing to charter a yacht at a greater size than you accustomed to handling, it's an option to hire a professional captain or skipper.

On a bareboat charter it will be necessary to take out adequate insurance cover – this covers loss or damage to the vessel, its dinghy, outboard, and equipment. This cover is often put in place at the same time as booking the bareboat charter.

Popular destinations to charter a bareboat catamaran, monohull sailboat, or powerboat include the Caribbean, South Florida and the Keys, the Bahamas, and European destinations, such as Greece and Spain

Rental fees are dependent on the destination, duration of charter, and the size & class of vessel to be charted.

Renting a Bavaria 33 sailboat in Tortola, British Virgin Islands on a weekly basis can cost in the region of $2,095 to $2,995* – this of course depends on the time of the season.

Bareboat charter offers the fun and freedom to sail a luxury yacht in world's oceans without the ongoing maintenance and financial responsibilities that comes with owning a vessel on a full-time basis.


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