Tampa Bay Charter Boat
Are you planning to travel to the Tampa Bay, Florida area and are interested in chartering a boat? You are in luck.

There are many Tampa Bay Charter Boat services that offer a variety of trip packages as well as numerous bonus features.

On of the larger businesses that offer a Tampa Bay Charter Boat is Windsong Sailing Charters. Located in New Port Richey, Florida, this charter service is located just a few miles north of Tampa and is just a two hour drive from Disney and Universal Studios. With its seven licensed captains as well as two dock crew members, you can reserve a boat to take a cruise any time that you wish to. Their boats include a Jeanneau 34 Espace pilothouse sloop, an Elite 32 sailboat, a Catalina 30 sailboat, and an Aqua Patio 25 pontoon boat.

This company offers half day cruises, full day cruises, a sunset cruise, 2 day overnighters, and 3 day overnighters. It also offers special wedding packages and a package that includes a beach barbecue. The boats in this fleet can carry six passengers and charge approximately $275 - $395 for the half day and sunset cruises and approximately $400 - $500 for a full day cruise. The two day overnighter package costs $1175, while the three day-two night package costs $1575. You can also rent a kayak for $14 an hour or $50 for the whole day. Windsong Sailing Charters can be reached at 877-538-7724 or 727-859-0213.

If you are more interested in a Tampa Bay rental boat that is geared towards fishing, there are a number of businesses to choose from. One fishing charter service is The Reef Chief Charters which is also located in New Port Richey, Florida and offers the ultimate experience in deep sea fishing. This company owns a 2004 36’ boat that has a 14’ wide beam and is powered by a Catapillar diesel engine. There are a number of fish available for catching in the area which includes the cobia, grouper, Key West grunt, mackerel, sea bass, shark, snapper, and triggerfish.

This charter service offers half day trips, full day trips, 10 hour trips, and 12 hour trips. It also offers different rates according to the number of people in your fishing party, six being the largest number of people allowed on the boat at one time. The rate for a half day cruise for 4 people is $500 while for 5 people is $550. The rate for a 6-person party is $600. The cost for a full day is as follows-a 4-person party is $650, a 5-person party is $750, and a 6-person party is $850. The ten-hour and twelve-hour cruises are the same rate regardless of the number of people in your party. The ten-hour trip costs $1000 while the twelve-hour trip costs $1200. If this sounds like the fishing charter that you would be interested in booking, you can contact The Reef Chief Charters by calling 727-869-3201. You can also view the boat at 5323 Bridge Street in Port Richey, Florida.

These are just two of the many companies in which you can book a Tampa Bay Charter Boat. To check into these and other charter boat companies, you can Google “Tampa Bay Charters” and search the various Web pages to find the charter boat company that best fits your needs.


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