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Airboat Plans
Lake Buggy by AirBoatFun
13-ft Swamp Boat by Glen-L
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Aluminum Boat Plans
14-ft Drift Boat by Specmar
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Catamaran Boat Plans
15-ft Row Catamaran by BoatPlans
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Chris Craft Boat Plans
Barrelback by Classic Wooden Boat Plans
Islander 25 by Glen-L
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Dory Boat Plans
Juneau 14 by Spira International, Inc.
Key Largo by Spira International, Inc.
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Drift Boat Plans
Freestone Classic 12 by Montana Boat Builders
Mackinaw 13 by Montana Boat Builders
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Duck Boat Plans
15-ft Duck Hunting Vessel by Bateau
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Electric Boat Plans
Lo Voltage by Glen-L
Power Yak by Glen-L
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Fiberglass Boat Plans
Foamee by Glen-L
Kodiak by Glen-L
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Fishing Boat Plans
Classic 21 by Bateau
Abaco 23 by Bateau
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Flats Boat Plans
Phantom 16 by Bateau
Flats Stalker by Bateau
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Folding Boat Plans
Fold Up by Glen-L
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Glass Bottom Boat Plans
9'6" U/water Viewing Boat by Glen-L
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Houseboat Plans
16-ft Houseboat by Bateau
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Jon Boat Plans
12-ft Jon Boat by Bateau
14-ft Jon Boat by Bateau
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Lobster Boat Plans
Eagle FG by Glen-L
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Pontoon Boat Plans
Huck Finn 12-ft to 28-ft by Glen-L
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Pram Dinghy Plans
Prameke by Bateau
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Row Boat Plans
Nutshell 7 by Bateau
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Sailboat Plans
Dory 12 by Bateau
Caravella 16 by Bateau
Alexa's Rocket by Bateau
Sport Boat 18 by Bateau
Vegabond by Bateau
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Speed Boat Plans
Mangusta 20 by Bateau
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Stitch & Glue Boat Plans
16-ft Console Skiff by Glen-L
13-ft Amp Eater by Glen-L
17-ft Dragonfly by Glen-L
6-ft Ke-Pau by Glen-L
7-ft Dinky by Glen-L
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Tug Boat Plans
Goliath by Glen-L
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