Boat Storage Seats
When purchasing new seats for your boat, you should keep two things in mind-comfort and practicality.

Another thing that you may want to look for is seating that provides you with storage areas, especially if your boat does not have much storage of its own. Boat storage seats come in all shapes and sizes. Again, you want to pick ones that fit your needs.

Overton’s offers a variety of boat storage seats. This company has several models of lounge seats available that has extra storage underneath. The Overton’s Deluxe Lounge Boat Seat would be a great addition to any larger boat. This model is designed with a durable high-impact plastic frame and high-density foam to provide a more comfortable ride. The material is marine-grade vinyl that is highly resistant to tears. This lounge seat has the ability to fully recline and has a storage unit right underneath the seat. The price for this comfortable lounge boat seat is $180.

This company also offers a variety of jump seats that have storage compartments. The Overton’s Jump Seat also has the durable plastic frame as well as the high-density foam as the Lounge Boat Seat. It also has the same marine-grade material and a storage compartment underneath the seat. When using a jump seat, you need to remember that the back must be up against something. This type of seat should never be used as a free-standing seat. The price for one of these styles of marine storage seats is $90.

Overton’s also has a variety of pontoon boat seats that have built-in storage units. The Wise Premium Flip-Flop Seat is made of high quality plastic parts that will stand up to any water environment. The marine-grade vinyl is double-stitched and all fasteners and staples are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting. The hinged seat cushion is also stuffed with high-density foam and a storage unit lies underneath. The cost for this storage seat is $340.

Wise also manufactures the Wise Premium Pontoon Corner Section. This model is also made with durable plastic parts as well as the double-stitched marine-grade vinyl. You can just remove the foam-stuffed seat cushion to reach a storage area. The price of this boat seat is also $340.

Tatman Wooden Boats offers a boat kit with which you can make your own boat storage seating. This kit comes included in the company’s driftboat kits but can also be purchased separately. This seat kit comes in two different styles. The first style has the boat seats (that can be purchased separately) mounted on top of a bench and has front and rear cabinet doors in the bench which is an entire storage area. The cost for this style of boat storage seat kit is $425.

The second style of seat kit that is offered by Tatman is the typical driftboat model. Passengers sit directly on the seat and the seat backs are tombstone-shaped. The bench has a hinged top but no doors. This top-opening bench compartment allows you easier access to the entire inside of the storage unit. The cost for this seat kit is $400.

Whether you buy seats that are already made or purchase a seat kit to do-it-yourself, boat bench seats are a nice touch to any fishing or leisure boat.


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