Canoe Seat Back
A canoe seat back offers a lightweight, compact solution for giving a paddler extra support and comfort.

These canoe seats with backs are designed to fit most touring or recreational open cockpit or sit on top kayaks on the market, and often feature a lot of straps for a versatile set-up.

Seats often come constructed in a carbon fiber or steel frame, with an extremely durable polyester fabric, that's water-resistant, with 2-inches of padding, and solid clips and springs for a strong hold. Often to feature a storage or mesh pouch at the rear to help in keeping a cockpit uncluttered. And a seat of this nature offers a weight capacity of 220 - 300lbs, with the actual unit weighing 3lbs or so.

Canoe seat backs offer comfort with a padded rear as well as a lumber support system. Having a back adjustment system allows for ease in adopting a position that's comfortable, increases endurance, and improves a kayakers experience on a single or multi-day paddling adventure. Either sit in a upright position or take it easy and relax in a reclined position.

An alternative to a fabric seat is a molded gel-filled saddle with backrest, with a gel that is not able to mould to a particular shape or leak, and distributes pressure evenly. The Yakpad Paddle Saddle can fit on top of an existing molded seat.

Outdoor seats of this design are often able to double up as a seat for a camping or hiking trip, to a fishing expedition or a stadium seat for watching a sporting event. Seats that fold down are simple to transport, as well as offering a compact storage position.

Popular canoe and kayak accessories often feature such kit as a strap on compass, deck bags to a buoyancy aid, paddle leash, or items to assist in storage and winterization, such as a trailer or kayak hoist.

A folding canoe seat offers a great paddling accessory for a recreational kayak or canoe paddler to sit comfortably, with an extra level of support and cushioning for the lower back region, legs and rump - all to make a long distance that much more fun.


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