Kayak Accessories
Kayaking is a sport like no other, and with the proper kayak accessories you will enjoy it even more!

What was once considered an expensive sport, kayaking is quickly becoming more affordable. No longer do you require to have a large sum of money to be able to get into the sport or to get some important kayak accessories.

With the recent innovations in inflatable kayaks, you can easily purchase one for a few hundred dollars or so. Despite the lower cost of many of the newer kayaks, it is still a dangerous sport and some essential kayak fishing accessories are needed if you want to remain safe.

The first kayak accessory you will want is a suitable buoyancy aid, in spite of your skill or experience. After several hours on the water you might become weary or fall in while paddling; this safety device can save your life.

A second essential accessory is a mobile phone! How terrible would it be to get into the middle of the lake, miles away from shore, and suddenly face a medical or some other type of emergency? It would be advisable, of course, to keep it in a waterproof container. Using some sort of leash makes sense as well in case you accidentally knock it over board. You will want to get a leash for your paddle as well. There is nothing worse than watching your paddle float away from you!

Other accessories include: a knife—just in case you need to cut something; a whistle that is designed for marine use to call for help if you are in the middle of the lake without a cell phone (or cell phone reception!); a compass so you know just where you are going; an anchor would be a great accessory to have, especially when you find that perfect fishing hole; if the wind is blowing you will want to have a drift chute to slow down your movement; and of course waterproof bags.

There are other accessories that you might find useful but are not essential for kayaking. These include a GPS device, a fishing rod holder or even a backrest.

There are dozens of Kayaking Accessories available, many are essential, some are not. One accessory that has not yet been mentioned is a bilge pump. If you do go out on the lake while it is windy you have a higher chance of capsizing. Kayaks handle well during this type of situation but many times once you turn it back over there is water in the cockpit and storage areas. If there is too much water then you are in danger and need a way to get the water out. By using a bilge pump you can get rid of the water and be safely on your way.


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