Boat Anchor Winch
A helm-operated push button boat anchor winch deploys and retrieves an anchor system quietly and smoothly.

Boat anchor winches for a smaller vessel (19'– 24') can accept the heaviest river or mushroom anchor systems up to a capacity of 25 - 50 lbs, with winches pre-spooled with 60 - 100 ft of nylon rope, and the ability to retract an anchor line at 33 - 80 feet per minute for rapid anchoring.

An electric boat anchor winch can automatically power up / power down a anchor at the press of a button. Once the switch is pressed the anchor lowers or free-falls to the bottom of the lake or river to hold a boat securely.

Features to an anchor winch include - a anti-drag system to sense the bottom for controlled drifting, optional wireless control, ability to automatically retrieve and spool the anchors line, and a built-in light source for convenience. In addition, anchor systems come complete with integrated davit.

A dedicated pontoon boat anchor winch can be mounted with a rigid construction to allowBoat Anchor Winch the anchor roller to extend from the rear of the platform to clear the vessels pontoons.

The manual or electric boat anchor winch is often easy-to-install, outfitted with all mounting hardware for ease in set-up, and a switch control unit that can be installed at the winch cover or for a more convenient access point, at a boat's helm.

Anchor systems designed for small boats, such as a runabout or utility boat to deck boats and pontoons up to 24 feet long offer more time boating, great for fishing, swimming and an easy way to retrieve or lower an anchor system.


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