Marine Binoculars w/Compass
Marine binoculars compass are shock-resistant, fog proof, and water-proofed to cope in the often punishing conditions at sea.

As a bonus, these high-definition optics come outfitted with a built-in compass, offering a quick and convenient tool for determining bearings at sea. Compasses are often assembled within the rubber armor of the binoculars to avoid damage or being snapped off.

Binoculars can feature an individual focus option, as this eliminates all need to keep re-focusing with a lot of viewing done at long distance, with increased contrast, and glare-reduction.

Waterproofed to cope in freshwater or saltwater, so a practical for all-recreational boating or water sports activities. Compasses are illuminated with sunlight throughout the day, and as light fades, a back-up battery light comes into force.

A high-quality set of marine binoculars offers great viewing in low-light (fog, dusk, or dawn) conditions to detect markers, spoting buoys, or navigational hazards and other safety points when piloting in open waters, inlets, and marinas.

Waterproof binoculars with compass are often constructed in a metal body, with rubber-armored, with a neoprene-floating strap. The design of the marine binoculars allows them to not only float if dropped, but also offers a easy-grip in view of the rubber armoring, allowing for a firm hold in rougher conditions. Ideal for those times that an unexpected wave takes a boater by surprise.

The ergonomic design of the binoculars, with its substantial rubber housing offers a fit that Marine Binoculars w/Compasscan often be gripped in either small and large hands, as well as featuring eyecups that are comfortable to all, including spectacle wearers.

Accessories to complement a marine waterproof w/compass binoculars set include a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, anti-fog cloth, cleaning tools, nylon holdall, neck strap or harness (for hands-free carrying), and tripod mount adapter.

The first manufacturer to integrate a compass within high-definition optics was in the series of Steiner marine binoculars offering quality innovations, with tough armoring, waterproofing (test to a depth of 5 meters), nitrogen filling, and precision lens coatings.

To cope in all conditions that come with life in a nautical world, it’s suggested to have on board a marine binoculars compass set offering buoyancy, corrosion resistant, that's entirely waterproofed and all finished with a uniquely clear view. In addition, these binoculars can adapt well to hiker, hunters, bird watchers or other such outdoor enthusiasts.


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