Wooden Canoe Paddles
Wooden canoe paddles are strong and robust, yet lightweight and durable, so perfect for recreational paddling activities.

Constructed to resist cracking and splitting in a strong cross-grain design, complete with a grip that's contoured for an efficient paddling experience and comfort.

Crafted in laminated southern hardwood, ash, poplar or multi-ply laminate to ensure a attractive Wooden Canoe Paddlefinish and to offer plenty of protection, wooden paddles are coated in multiple layers of marine varnish. Having a epoxy resin tip helps to strengthen the blade of the paddle, and often eliminates a lot of damage caused as a result of paddling in shallow waters or when pushing off.

Canoe paddles can start with an entry-level economical version for recreational use to a high quality paddle that's more akin to a fine piece of furniture. A wooden oar can measure in the region of 3 to 8 feet - with sizing often based on an individual paddler's torso length and chosen sitting position.

Accessories to complement wooden canoe paddles include a paddle leash to secure a paddle when fishing, on a snack break, or on a blustery passage. A easy-to-use and practical tool to have, and at 36 inches or so, its long enough when using a paddle, but still compact enough to be stowed out of reach. Or a sturdy canoe or kayak bag to protect a paddle in times of transit.

With the ideal set of plans, patterns or illustrations to hand its often possible for just about anyone (well at least those with basis DIY skills) to craft a paddle. Canoe paddle plans can offer a fascinating project to take on for a novice woodworker in need of a custom set of personal paddles. The ideal plans will offer lots of details, layout and carving information on creating a simple to complex paddle.

A beautifully finished, wooden canoe paddle with a durable shaft for maximum durability and flex offers ease-in-use, at a affordable price and coated in marine varnish for added life.


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