Marine Tool Kit
A marine tool kit is a must for all boatsman, with all tools suited to dealing with most common repairs, able to cope in the harshest saltwater conditions, and built for long-term use.

A marine tool set comes outfitted with all tools to maintain a sailboat, runabout, jet-ski, or to take on trailer repairs or other such maintenance duties on land. Ideal for work projects on a pier, on an outboard motor, or electronic and electrical equipment. All tools are constructed in stainless steel or a durable chrome vanadium material.

These kits are often outfitted with almost all essential boating tools including -

Combination Wrenches - Screwdrivers [various sizes] - Circuit tester - Crimping Tool - Hex keys - Water pump pliers - Pliers - Battery cleaning brush - Hacksaw - Combination wrench set - Extension bar - Hammer - Gapping Tool - Spare fuses - Drive sockets - Terminals - Utility knife & replacement blades - Tire pressure gauge - Electrical tape

Marine tools are often packaged to accomplish a specific project, such as electrical repairs to maintain a boat's electrical system. Featured tools include strippers, cutters, crimp and heat tools, as well as an electrical meter.

Aluminum, fiberglass to wooden boat tools, often come stored in an attaché style tough case for ease in storage, Marine Tool Kitaccessibility, and an attempt at keeping all tools water tight. In addition, some cases are able to float if dropped overboard. With an immense selection of tools on offer, with a small boat tool kit devised for a weekender with a 36-pieces to a more extensive kit for a coastal bound trip with a 300-pieces.

Stainless steel hardware assortment packs are also available featuring a selection of washers, nuts, bolts or screws in different sizes and lengths to complete a project at hand. It can also help to have accessories such as hand cleaner or cloths to clean up once repairs are complete.

A rugged and flame-retardant marine toolkit needs to cope with the often-punishing environments at sea, with an ability to offer ease in use, maintenance, and installation. These kits include all essentials, so more often than not will paid for itself the first time its needed out to sea.


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