Telescoping Boat Hook
Telescoping boat hooks help with docking and launching to retrieving items dropped or washed overboard, such as a deck bag, marine compass to a canoe paddle or other such marine accessories.

A heavy-duty telescopic boat hook comes in anodized aluminum to offer a corrosion resistant Telescoping Boat Hookconstruction, which is well balanced for ultimate strength, all with a rubber vinyl grips for ease in control. The actual head of the boat hook is again aluminum, but with a polyethylene tip or on others a high-impact molded plastic to avoid marring a boat.

In its compact form, these telescoping poles stand at 2 - 4 feet, and at full extension, 7 - 8 feet is a typical length.

The telescopic adjustment collar often features a molded rib, to allow for ease in twisting for length changes, and to get a firm grip even when wet or slippery. Once lengthened and tightened, these poles are often sturdy enough to remain erect without collapsing down at an inappropriate moment. If dropped over board these boat hooks will float, so ease in retrieval and safety is there.

An alternative to carrying a separate paddle and hook is a combo unit. A combo-telescoping paddle with boat hook is compact enough to store in a small storage locker on a boat or even in a PWC storage compartment. Great as a space-saving device or as a back-up paddle in an emergency or for retrieving items dropped overboard.

A telescoping boat hook is a great tool to have on board, amongst its many uses - push off or pulling into a slip, for retrieving items lost overboard, avoid scraping a boat against a bank or pier, and all other jobs in need of that extension.

All in all, a mooring hook makes a compact tool to store when not in use and quick and simple to expand at all other times.


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