Waterproof Map Case
A waterproof map case is able to keep charts clean and dry, so avoid all chart-drenching mishaps in a canoe, kayak, or utility boat.

A lightweight chart or map case often comes equipped with a waterproof, zip closure to seal tight to fend of waves and rain, constructed in a cold resistant PVC material, and able to hold most paddling or outdoor maps. Featuring straps or D-rings (4 to 8), Velcro attachments, and webbing loops for ease in attaching to a canoe or kayak.

In addition, waterproof map cases are often constructed in a UV stable material to stop all contents from fading or yellowing in the sun.

A Waterproof pouch, a dry bag, or a multi-purpose vinyl case are available in many sizes to store and protect valuable possessions on a watercraft, beach or even when hiking or camping.

Dedicated paddling maps in a tear-resistant material and waterproofed are available for 100's of lake destinations across the United States, with information on access areas, water Waterproof Map Casehazards, facilities, marina listings, and GPS compatible. CLICK HERE to browse a complete list of available lake maps.

A lightweight dry bag is a versatile solution for keeping a map, passports, to food, clothing or batteries dry. A zip closure case of this nature can be waterproof up to 150 - 200 feet, with a cold rating of -40°F, and reusable. Comes in a clear plastic (on both sides) material, to allow ease in charting a passage while still sealed in it’s leak-proof bag.

A submersible vinyl case is perfect for protecting maps, charts to small electronics, such as a camera, portable fish finder, GPS, or a SAT phone. Submersible to 15 feet, floats if dropped, and easily attaches to a kayak or canoe via a strap or 4 eyelets.

Waterproof map cases offer the perfect solution for keeping navigational charts and other important stuff safe and free of dirt, water, or to be ruined. A clear and wipeable protective sleeve is a godsend in rapids when it is not appropriate to expose a map to the assault of water and dirt.


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