Boat Leaning Post
A boat leaning post constructed in fiberglass and anodized aluminum are common on walk-arounds, center consoles, and similar designed vessels.

Boat leaning posts can feature integrated storage under a cushioned helm seat, for a generous and secure dry area for gear and tackle. Also, often outfitted with a foldable footrest and, 4 aluminum rod holders, and a incorporated grab rail. A high quality multi-functional leaning post is engineered and built to last in a multitude of designs.

A basic or compact unit can offer extra space with a built-in storage tray, rod holders, foldable footrest, and removeable backrest, while a truly versatile and deluxe unit can offerBoat Leaning Post bulk storage options, with space for four-rod holders, ice chest, foot and back rest, handrail, lure locker, and side or multi-shelf lockers.

A conventional captain’s chair set-up can be altered to incorporate a leaning post while still using the existing pedestals, often designed to be universal to allow for a flexile installation approach and comes with built-in dry storage area and four rod holders. These posts can often be adapted to fit most boats.

Accessories to complement a lean post include a tough, shrink resistant polyester cover, which is able to protect from UV damage, dirt or mildew, and to remain dry and clean year round, an optional back-rest to fit most standard or adjustable posts, drink holders, and side arms, as well as footrests or grab rails.

Leaning posts for boats can be fabricated in a multitude of sizes, configurations, and colors to complement an existing floor plan to make a day of fishing or boating that much more enjoyable.


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