Outboard Motor Carrier
A heavy-duty and sturdy outboard motor carrier is the ideal tool for shifting a small to medium-sized engine to and from storage.

Equipped with standard or semi-pneumatic rubber tires and ergonomic rubber handles for ease in maneuver into a garage, workshop, or driveway, as well as front stand for maintenance or servicing of a motor. Some of these carriers can also feature a shelf and strap to accommodate a 3 to 5-gallon gas can holder.

Constructed in a high-tensile, aluminum tube framing, to offer a study and robust build for transporting an engine up to 130lbs - 315lbs, or 115 hp. To offer a heavy-duty construction for holding the larger outboard, a mounting platform can measure in at 19¼ x 7¼ x 1½" thick.

For ease in storability, some of these carts feature handles that fold down to allow for extra space in a workshop or garage, when its in its storage position, or to offer more freedom to access a motor if doing maintenance. In addition, other motor dollies can fold flat for storage or ease in stowage or transporting. Outboard Motor Carrier

The series of Garelick® outboard motor carriers offer a convenient mobility solution for transporting a light short or long shaft engine, to a small sailboat or fishing boat. Built of a durable, alloy reinforced aluminum tubing, with a choice of six models to complete all tasks and makes transport of a motor a lot easier. Official site:

An outboard motor stand / carrier is simple to assemble - all that's needed is a Philips screw driver, adjustable wrench, and hammer and a few minutes of time

An ultra rugged, outboard motor cart makes it that much easier to store and transport a boats engine. Turn a back-straining task into a straight-forward project by eliminating the strain of attempting to lift or store an engine.


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