Inflatable Dinghy Accessories
Here's a look at some of the best inflatable dinghy accessories to be found -

Air Pumps: Air pumps come as electric or manual. The electric air pump once fully charged can inflate a 12 dinghy in approximately 2 minutes. Most also come equipped with universal adapters to suit any value. Manual pumps are also readily available for Inflatables and offered as either Hand or Foot pumps.

Anchors: A small and compact Inflatable boat anchor kit includes a 7lb anchor & 100' tackle and line – this is suited to a boat from 11' to 15'

Bags: The inflatable dinghy carry bag is ideal to offer protection off-season or as an easy way to transport a deflated craft. If in need of a storage solution for an inflatable, take advantage of one of those Underseat storage bags – ideal for most inflatables that feature a bench seat.

Dollies: In need of a transport solution for a dinghy or inflatable – take advantage of a Boat Transom Dolly, this item simply clamps to the transom making it easy to transport the craft.

Inflatable & Dinghy Bottom Coating: Offers protection against barnacles and other forms of marine growth in mid-temperature saltwater and freshwater. Once set Inflatables can be deflated without the bottom coating cracking. It is suited to most inflatable materials, including as rubber, PVC and Hypalon.

Letters/Numbers: Simply place the registration number on these plates and attach the glue suction cups to the Inflatables hull.

Lifts/Slings: Makes maintenance of an inflatable an easy task – The Universal Dinghy Lift is capable of lifting most conventional Inflatables up to 350 lbs or 14'

Oars/Paddles: Aluminum oars, wooden oars, and Paddles are offered in an assortment of styles and sizes to suit any inflatable dinghy.

Repair Kits: Often coming as standard equipment with most inflatable boats – A Repair kit is necessary to undertake a repair job or to perform a temporary repair in the event of an emergency, suitable for inflatable dinghies, life rafts, and other such inflatable devices.

Seats/Consoles: If ever in the need to upgrade or replace the seating of an inflatable due to loss or damage, it's possible to maintain the fit and performance of the original design with a like for like replacement.

Towing Bridle: Ideal for towing tenders and Inflatables with additional stability offered.

That's just a small selection of the inflatable dinghy accessories on offer – many more are available in the various marine and chandlery stores.


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