Portable Fish Finder
A portable fish finder is easy-to-use, goes anywhere, and a perfect tool for a recreational angler wishing to stop wasting time and to start catching fishes.

These sonar’s make the ideal companion for all fishing trips. Here are some of the popular manufactures of these innovative portable fishfinder units -

Eagle Electronics design and manufacture GPS units and sonar fish finders for recreational and marine markets. The Eagle portable fish finder series includes the FISHEASY 245DS unit, offering big features and performance in a compact 4-inch diagonal screen, a depth capacity of 800 feet, with is GRAYLINE technology to separate fish form weeds, structures and the river bottom - all to deliver optimal fish finding performance in shallow rivers to deep waters.

HawkEye® electronics manufactures a complete line up of fish finders, digital depth sounders to integrated OEM solutions. The HawkEye portable fish finder series includes the F33P unit, offering the latest in fishfinder technology. With a 45° sonar angle beam, the system returns a accurate fish, depth, and bottom readings from 1½ ft to 99 ft. Comes complete with a floatable, trollable, and mountable sensor with 35 ft of cable, and able to operate continuously for 20 + hours on single set of batteries.

Once the sensor is dropped into a river, a receiver will instantly return depth, weeds, fish, and bottom structure and contour readings to immediately start detecting fish. If fishing on a kayak, canoe or utility boat, such as a Jon boat, these marine electronics can be hull-mounted with specially designed mounting tabs.

Humminbird manufactures a series of innovative GPS units, marine radios, depth sounds, and fishfinders. The Humminbird portable fish finder models includes the advanced features of the PiranhaMAX 160 PT, with its 800 ft depth capabilities, dual beam sonar, and clear grayscale, 160 vertical pixels on a 4-inch diagonal screen. In addition, it comes outfitted with soft-shell case, suction cup for convenient mounting, as well as a dedicated battery and charger.

Portable fish finders are exceptionally simple to use, compact in size (often fitting the palm of a hand), and makes a perfect tool for a fishing expedition to a family vacation. Due to its portable nature these sonar devices can fit within a deck bag, tackle box, or a pocket, to offer a truly versatile piece of kit that's guaranteed to reveal its catch again and again .


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