Wrist Mount Fishfinder
Humminbird manufactures the SmartCast RF35 wireless wrist mount fishfinder, built in a rugged and portable design, yet packet with conveniences and advanced functionality.

The dual-function watch and fishfinder is equipped with a date and time function, in addition to proving a sonar reading up to 75ft down and a depth at 120 ft, with a depth and surface temperature, bottom contour, and fish readout - to offer a completely portable, and full featured fishfinder.

The Humminbird Fishfinder SmartCast RF35 Wrist Mount fits on a wrist and offers controls similar to those seen on a standard watch, although equipped with a 1.25-inch STN screen to offer high-visibility, with 48V x 32H lines of resolution. The one touch control buttons include depth range, FishID+, sensitivity, and fish alarm. For ease in nighttime viewing a pulse backlit display features with a pulse advanced Remote Sonar Sensor (RSS). Power is sourced via a lithium-ion battery.

The installed Remote Sonar Sensor offers dual channel, with an ultra-wide sonar arc, and it’s waterproof. The operation time for the RSS can last up to 500 hours of water-based usage. In addition, with Wet Switch technology included, the battery life expediency is maximized due to the unit shutting down if out of the water. Wrist Mount Fishfinder

The Humminbird SmartCast offers ease in operation, with the Advanced RSS attached to the line, just cast. It’s able to transmit in real-time (although on occasion a 5-10 second lag can be noticed) a view of fish, the bottom, and other obstacles, such as weeds on to the 1 ¼-inch wrist mounted screen. Quick and easy to follow whether its time scouting a favorite fishing hole or actual fishing.

A Humminbird SmartCast RF35 has a built in A/B channel to allow the operation of two RSS devices within close quarters, resulting in limited interference.

Different to a traditional hand held fish finder, this unit allows complete hands free control, and ease in transport, whether its fishing from a small fishing boat, kayak, or on a dock. A wireless wrist mount fishfinder of this nature is often seen as an ultimate accessory for a kayaker. Locate fish and bottom structures that might otherwise be entirely missed.


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