Telescoping Paddle
A telescoping paddle is often lightweight, with an aluminum shaft and adjusts to varying lengths with a quick twist of the handle.

A simple locking device ensures that an extended handle remains in place while paddling. And comes complete with a comfortable handle for a great grip.

A telescopic paddle is able alter to variable lengths to accommodate a kayakers size or Telescoping Paddlerequirements, and able to fold down into a section of the shaft to disappear within the blade. In its compact form, a boat paddle can measure 18 - 25 inches in its stowed position, and once extended, 42 - 72 inches at its full length. Constructed in a high-impact molded plastic blade, with a corrosion-resistant shaft, and sturdy boat hook.

A collapsible paddle often features a convenient boat hook handle, for ease in retrieving items dropped overboard or to help in getting through trees or pushing off a river-bed if stuck in a kayak. Paddles in bright colors, such as orange or red are great for signaling purposes should an emergency arise.

Nice and light, once collapsed down in to its compact size, these paddles can fit almost any place. Compact enough to store under a boat seat or even in a jet-ski storage compartment. And storing it in a nylon storage bag helps ensure that a paddle is kept protected and all ready to use.

Telescoping paddles are a great back up or safety paddle should the main propulsion unit on a small runabout, or PWC fail or are caught-up in a sticky situation with kayak. The retractable oars should have you paddling back on shore in no time. A lot more dependable than attempting to make a make-do paddle out of what’s on board.


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