Pontoon Boat Deck Kit
Are you looking to put a new deck on your pontoon boat? This task has never been easier thanks to a pontoon boat deck kit.

There are many varieties of these kits available with different deck styles to choose from.

PontoonStuff, Inc. is one company that offers a pontoon boat deck kit. These kits range in size from 16’ to 28’. The kit for the 16’ deck has 4 sheets of ¾’”, 7-ply marine-treated plywood as well as 16’ standard carpet. The kit also includes 100 deck screws, a fence riser kit, a stainless fence bolt kit, deck joint tape, two gallons of marine glue and a free trowel. The price of this kit is $460. There is another 16’ kit that includes the same items as the first except that it has 20oz. textured marine carpet. This kit costs $495.

The other kits by this company all contain the same items except for different styles of carpet as well as more wood included as the size of the deck increases. The 20’ deck kit with regular carpet is $547 while the kit with textured carpet is $589. The 24’ regular version costs $669 while the textured version is priced at $725. The 28’ deck kit with regular carpet costs $747 while the textured version costs $808.

Pontoon Specialists also offer several pontoon deck kits. Their 16’ deck kit includes 4 4’x8’ sheets of ¾”, 7-ply plywood. The carpet in this kit is 16’ while you have a choice as to whether you want 16 oz. Spectrum, 20 oz. Harbor, or 22 oz. Infinity carpet. There are sixty zinc #14 1-7/8” deck screws, although Crest model pontoon boats will need elevator bolts instead, which can be included upon request. You also receive two gallons of Synergistecs glue and a 1 1/8” notched glue trowel. This pontoon boat kit costs $469 with the 16 oz. carpet, $474 with the 20 oz., and $506 with the 22 oz. carpet.

This company also makes 20’ pontoon boat deck kits. This kit includes 5 4’x8’ sheets of ¾”, 7-ply plywood and 20’ feet of the same carpet choices that are available in the 16’ deck kit. There are seventy-five deck screws included as well as three gallons of glue. The trowel is also included. The price for this kit with the 26 oz. carpet is $563, the price with the 20 oz. is $566, and the price with the 22 oz. carpet is $606.

Pontoon Specialists also offers a 24’ pontoon deck kit that comes with six sheets of the plywood, 24’ of the same carpet choices, and ninety deck screws. This kit also comes with three gallons of the glue. The price for the deck kit that includes the 16 oz. carpet is $690. The cost for the 20 oz. carpet kit is $698. The cost for the 22 oz. Carpet kit is $745.

These are just a few of the pontoon boat deck kit options that are available. To learn more, you can check with your local pontoon boat dealer or search the various pontoon boat sites on the Internet.


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