Kayak Compass
A compact-sized kayak compass offers easy-to-read markings, a shockproof design, and multiple mounting possibilities.

A dedicated paddler’s compass can be securely mounted to a kayak with the assistance of a durable plastic or suction cup mount, with two to four long elastic cords and clips to keep a compass in a position that's safe, secure and easy-to-read. With a cord constructed of rudder or elastic bungee these straps offer versatile mounting positions to fit most shapes and sizes of kayaks

Often with a large and easy-to-read compass scale, so no need to squint in an attempt to read the present direction or course, even if positioned near the end of a 15' touring kayak.

Equipped with quick-release buckle for a simple and quick attachment. Ideal for those recreational paddlers that wish to remove a compass after use for storage, security, or transport. After removal these compasses can be conveniently stowed in a mesh pouch for safety.

Features to these compasses include 10-degree graduation, a direct reading disk, shook proof design, and tilting angle effective up to +/- 30° - all to make it a simple task to determine the reading. If still out paddling after dusk, and lights starting to fade, some marine compass can feature a luminous capsule to glow or a dim red LED light for ease in nighttime viewing.

By nature, these dedicated kayak compasses are lightweight, weighing in at 4 - 14.4 ounces, and measure in at a compact 3.4 x 3.4 x 2 inches - 4 x 3.5 x 4.5. Once attached a compass is able to perform in severe weather and rough conditions, with an ability to operate in a temperature range of -21 to 140 degrees.

A compact marine compass can offer convenient dash, bulkhead or flush deck mounting to accommodate a kayak or canoe, sailboat, to a small powerboat or dinghies.

Overall, a deck compass can mount to most types of kayaks, and rugged enough to cope in the often-punishing conditions seen with water-borne activates. After a kayaking session its a simple case of removing the cords and stowing the compass in a safe place until the next paddling adventure.


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