Ocean Kayak Accessories
Ocean Kayak is one of the leading manufacturers of sit-on-top-kayaks and offers a series of accessories to outfit the kayak to give that added versatility and comfort.

Ocean kayak accessories include Paddles, Seats & Backrests, Hatch Kits, Rudder Kits, Clothing, Transportation, and Tools & Repair Kits. In addition to the specialty items to enhance a kayakers water-sports adventures, such as fishing, diving, whitewater rafting, and touring.

The series of Paddles offered include the fiberglass construction two-piece general use paddle to the value paddles with a ovalized aluminum shaft and those suited to the kids. The seat back or backrest lets the sit-on-top kayakers paddle in comfort with a choice of thermo-molded & paddle seat or just the backrest on its own. And to help in staying dry in the kayak opt for a set of scupper stoppers to plug the holes in the cockpit.

If in need space to store paddling essentials, such as a first aid kit - than a hatch kit might be the ideal solution; kits come equipped with instructions and the necessary hardware to install a hatch. Fitting an optional rudder or skeg to the kayak can help in improve the overall control and handling; rudder kits are available in varies designs that again come with instructions and required hardware.

To assist in the transportation of the kayak comes a set of soft rack pads to protect the vehicle and kayak from coming into contact with each other, thus avoiding damage. A less expensive alterative to a complete travel rack system. To aid in the maintenance and care of the kayak there's a selection of miscellaneous parts, such as buckles, toggle handle, blind rivets, washes, and drain plugs to mention a few.

The chosen ocean kayak accessories will often depend on the type of kayaking activity that's taken part in. And these's a assortment of useful kit to make the paddling that much more comfortable and fun.

Official site: www.oceankayak.com


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