Marine Oil Lamp
Marine oil lamps constructed in a solid cast with tooled brass or chrome plated, are perfect to complement a cabin or use on deck, offering a steady flame, with highly-rated safety features.

A ships lantern offers timeless beauty to complement the decor of a vessel's cabin or deck.

An immense selection of designs to complement all styles, with a choice of a replica globe lantern that would be common in 1916 for checking the darkest regions of a ships hold, to nautical lamps that are designed to be more modern and contemporary. Lamps are suited to wall hanging or as a table lantern, with carry handles for portable use.

Oil capacity in these boat oil lamps is often seen at 2 - 25 oz. a burn time estimated at 12 - 60 hours with the ideal clean burning fuel, with an ability to destitute light 360° through its glass lens. Clean burning, liquid paraffin fuel is ideal with these marine lamps, which is smokeless and odorless, so perfect inside a cabin or deck of a trailer sailboat to a more luxurious motor-driven yacht.

Weems & Plath® offers an extensive selection of handsome ships lanterns, lamps and Marine Oil Lampaccessories in a choice of chrome or brass finishes, with an option to go with an oil or electric lamp. Weems & Plath Lamps offer a series of finely crafted companion and mini yacht lamps. Den Haan Lamps offers a series lanterns, a lot of them replicas of old ships models, in a solid brass, with lacquered and polished finish, in a choice of distinctive designs. E.S. Sorensen Lamps features a fine collection of handmade lamps, built using traditional techniques, in the finest quality brass, and hand lacquered. Official site:

Oil lamp supplies often feature an optional wall bracket; clean burning lamp fuel, as well as replacement glass. One negative point noted with these lamps is the hanging hook on top often gets too hot to handle, so it’s always wise to be careful if attempting to move a lamp.

A nautical oil lamp is built to last, as long as simple maintenance duties are preformed, resulting in a lamp that will last for decades to come. A quality marine oil lamp offers enduring practicality and a distinctive look to accessorize a modern to classic sailboat.


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