Trailer Sailor
Trailability, reliable handling, and comfort are high priorities in the design of a trailer sailor, and that in turn offers a fun and affordable sailing experience.

Trailerable sailboats often come equipped with sufficient space for overnight quarters, as well as offering ease in launching and rigging.

A trailer sailor often presents versatile storage arrangements - more so if sufficient space is to be had in a garage or other area near to home. This benefits in easier maintenance, care, and avoids the treks down to a harbor with supplies to pack on board for each outing - resulting in significant savings on marina and storage fees over the course of a season. Even so, if space isn't available on ones own property, it’s often an option to utilize a boat storage facility where a trailer sailor can be kept fully rigged on its road trailer all set to go.

Its advisable to note the responsibilities that come with towing a trailer on the highway as well as the techniques for stepping a mast and tuning the rigging prior to launching at the next sail destination. The need to step the mast is easier in conjunction with a mast raising system - making a safe a quick job of raising and lowering the mast for one person.

Sail boat models all designed with trailability in mind -

MacGregor 26 - a dual function sailboat able to offer a responsive and stable sail performance as well as giving a comfortable and high-speed ride once its 50hp-mounted engine is opened up, and runs at 22 - 24mph maximum speed. Offering adequate speed for water sport activities, such as water skiing or wakeboarding, without compromising on sailboat handling.

West Wight Potter design and build a complete line-up of small trailerable sailboat at 15ft to 18ft 9", all offering a generous cabin area, ease in towing and launching, and storability is a case of parking in a standard sized garage. Potter's are equipped with retracting keels, so ideal for beaching on a quiet shoreline or island.

Com-Pac manufactures a series of sailboats measuring in at 16ft 6" - 24ft to offer ease in trailability, an affordable option, and accommodation wise - expect to find space to accommodate 2 to 4 adults with ease.

The trailer sailor offers all-round affordability in relation to the initial investment, on-going expenses [berthing, storage, and maintenance, and with a lightweight design offer low fuel consumption in tailoring.


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