Magma Propane Grill
Magma Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line-up of Grills and Accessories for use on land or at sea, with the series of marine kettle grills consisting of charcoal and gas configurations, as well a selection of combination gas grills and stoves.

The patented Marine Kettle design offers a truly efficient performance, durability, and safety to be expected of a stove or gas BBQ in a marine environment. Built to heat up faster, uses less fuel, and have all those snacks prepared in no time. Great in all boats that aren't outfitted with a galley.

The radiant burner place and dome shaped cover ensure that aromas and natural flavors are sealed in, with an ability to double-up as a windshield in event of gusty winds - this almost eliminates blow-outs. And these portable grills come with a hinged lid that's designed not to snap or slam shut.

For a safe cooking experience these portable grills feature, a double lined inner shell, so that the exterior of a grill remains cooler. Outfit one of these grills with Magma's plate and dome system to make it a truly functional oven, stove, or grill to suit all cooking preferences. Clean-up is often a simple case of disassembling a boat barbeque without tools, offering ease in washing until that next cooking session.

The fuel supply comes from a 450g - 1lb disposable propane canister or if preferred can be Magma Propane Grilladapted to on-board LPG systems. Expect an estimated cooking time of 2 - 4 hours with 1lb canister. If longer cook times are desired these grills allow for a quick and safe replacement of fuel canister even when the grill is in operation. All equipped with a control valve design so that the canister can be positioned at a side to suit the chef.

Accessories to complement a boat BBQ include a cover to enclose the entire grill, an on-shore stand, mounts to attach to a rail / bulkhead, or a mountable table for extra space in preparation and serving. Mounting hardware is often sold separately to the actual grill so it’s important to determine all relevant kit at the same time.

The ideal product to outfitted a watercraft. It's now a simple option to grill, saut, heat, fry, simmer, stew, bake, and heat all at leisure. All which will be truly appreciated by discerning grill experts. Stainless steel gas grills offer construction in the finest of materials, with a sturdy build, and able to cope in the often-punishing conditions at sea.


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