Dinghy Accessories
Perhaps you've been dinghy sailing occasionally and have some of the more basis equipment - thou as you become more involved, it's to be expected that you'll want some of the bells and whistles that go with dinghies.

Buying some of the latest dinghy accessories is one way to enhance your sailing experience. Dinghy accessories are available for a variety of different reasons – such as enhancing the performance to making your life that much easier and convenient.

Here are a few of the popular dinghy accessories to mention -

Bimini Tops – a quick and easy solution to gain a shaded area for Inflatables – ideal on a fishing trip. Easy to set-up, kit provides all gear for a secure attachment to the inflatable boat. Use at slow speeds, anchored or drifting; fold and secure once under power.

Boarding Ladders – dinghy ladders and folding ladders are safe and easy to use, great for reboarding after a swim. No need to fear not being able to re-board after a swim.

Boat Covers – opt for a durable cover during the lay-up season to protect the craft from the elements. Offer as a standard fit or custom made to a particular model. Materials vary from Polycotton, to PVC to Acrylic and Nylon.

Boat Hooks – a useful tool to have on board. Either fixed length or telescopic to retrieve, push, or pull – ideal at times of mooring, launching, or if something should be lost overboard.

Davits – a convenient method to store or transport a tender dinghy or inflatable on a larger vessel, be it a sailboat or powerboat. Davits systems include the pull-on system, lift-up system, and sling systems.

Dinghy Dogs – Dinghy Dogs are flotation tubes that can be added to nearly any hard dinghy to provide the stability and buoyancy of a rigid bottom inflatable at a fraction of the cost. Easy on and off they are can be easily installed by anyone and come complete including a foot pump. Official Site: www.DinghyDogs.com

Floors – at some stage it might become necessary to replace the aging floorboards in an inflatable dinghy. Repairs can be made easy with a suitable replacement floorboard set.


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