Buy Boat Marine Electronics
If you have a need to buy boat marine electronics, you must first decide the types of devices that you want.

Due to advances in modern technology, there are many electronic devices available that can satisfy all of your boating and fishing needs.

When buying boat electronic devices, you may want to consider purchasing a GPS navigator. These devices come in a variety of sizes and styles. One of the smallest GPS navigators that are available is the Furuno GP32 GPS/WAAS Navigator. This device is designed for small fishing boats as well as pleasure craft. This model has a 12-channel GPS receiver and a 4.5” LCD display screen that shows Track Plotter, Highway, Steering Display, and Nav Data in graphic and alphanumeric form.

The Nav Data display includes speed, course, and the boat’s position in latitude and longitude. It can also give you the estimated time of arrival to any destination that you program in. Priced at $395, this device is well worth having.

Another device that you may want to consider when you buy boat marine electronics is a sounder. These fish-finding devices are a necessity for any serious fisherman. One model of these sonar devices is the Garmin Fishfinder 300D dual Beam Color Sonar. Specially designed to track fish in a freshwater setting, this sonar is the top of the line in fish-finding devices.

With its 3.5” color display that is easy to see in the brightest sunlight, this device has a dual-beam transducer that can look as deep as 900 feet. This model also has a night mode, backlit keypad, round flasher display mode, adjustable depth line, a water temperature log, and alarms that warn you about both fish and water depth. The price for this device is $250.

You may be interested in installing an autopilot device in your boat. There are brands that are designed for either inboard or outboard motors. On outboard motor autopilot device is SiTex SP70L Control Head. With its easy installation and simple operation, anyone can put their boat on autopilot and sit back and enjoy the ride. This handheld device includes course change, dodge, pilot, automatic compensation, and trim control features.

It even has a ghost rudder feedback that records into the device’s memory so that it can make rudder adjustments even if it has lost actual rudder feedback. The suggested retail price of this auto piloting device is $1729.

Another item that you may want to look into purchasing when buying boat marine electronics is a good radio. These devices are vital when boating in areas where bad weather may blow in at any minute. The Raymarine Ray 218 VHF Radio and Hailer are ideal to have onboard your boat to call in an emergency. This device has a Class D Digital Selective Calling when interfaced with your GPS. When this connection is made, this radio enables you to call in your position, your identification, and transmits the time that the distress call was made.

There is an automatic button on the microphone that instantly connects you to the emergency boating channels of 16 or 9. It also has an LCD display with large, easy-to-see characters. The cost for this device is $499.

These are just of the few items that you may want to consider purchasing when your need to buy boat marine electronics. To view the full line of equipment that is available, you can visit your local boat dealer or Google “Boat Electronics” on the Internet and view the many Web sites that appear.


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