Boat Security Systems
Boat security systems are weather-resistant, easy-to-operate, and a dependable needs to monitor high-water problems, temperature, and to deter would-be intruders.

A lot of security alarms claiming to be for use on a watercraft are in fact a modified car or home alarm, so it's critcal to search out a dedictated marine system that's able to cope in the often punishing conditions at sea.

Boat alarm systems -

The BoatNanny™ is a boat security monitoring system offering a wireless plug n' go capabilities, all with ease in set-up and installation - expect the alarm to be set-up and monitoring a vessel in 30 minutes or less.

If the alarm is activated (as a result of high water, motion or audio levels, or temperature in cabin or engine room) its able to send a message to a portable device, such as a cell phone, PDA, or laptop computer. The boat nanny is able to communicate to all locations with cell phone coverage.

The temperature sensor is pre-set to monitor a high and low threshold in the engine room, a bilge water height sensor is able to detect water entering a vessel, and an optional siren, with a ear-piecing 117 dB alarm and strobe light is able to detect motion on a boat.

Also in view of the wireless nature of this alarm it can also function in a RV, Camper Trailers, or even a home or business premises.

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Flagship Marine Security manufactures a complete line-up boat security systems and accessories to detect a would-be intruder with products including keypad-remote alarms, sirens or strobes, canvas sensors, plug and play deck sensors, or a dock disconnection monitor to accommodate all length or class of boat.

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Quality security systems for boats often result in insurance benefits, such as a reduction in the annual cost due to a heightened level of security and protection - a discount in the region of 10% - 15% might very well be achievable with some of the best boat insurance companies.

Whether it’s a aluminum fishing boat, a trailerable houseboat or small sailboats a state of the art boat security system can offer that piece of mind in knowing a valued possession is protected with the ideal set-up of alarm and security sensors.


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