Lund Fishing Boat
The Lund Boat Company manufacturer a series of aluminum fishing, water skiing, work boats, utilities and cruising boats from 10 to 21 feet in length, and have been in business since 1948.

The series of Lund Fishing Boat models include the following -

Rebel series - is the newest line of Lund models and offers quality and fishability in an affordable package, with a choice of thirteen models that range in length from 14'9 to 18'3 and available in Sport, SS or Tiller editions.

Jon Boats - offer a entry-level fishing platform at 10 to 18 feet, that's easy to store, maintain and features a durable hull construction that’s' able to gain access to those angling spots that other boats can't reach.

Sport & Fish Series - at 17'6" to 21'10" feature four models to offer the best in family entertainment space and fishability in a single high end design that's able to tackle the bigwater.

Tournament series - is big on roominess and maneuverability to offer enhanced fishability in the calmest of waters to the more challenging conditions. Available in IFS, SE or Tiller Editions, and range in length from 18.4 to 25 feet.

Wilderness series - features a series of 12'1" to 20'6" high-quality utility, working & fishing machines that offer a solid and stable performance no matter how challenging the conditions get.

Sportsman series - of versatile multi species fishing boats are designed to tackle big water and offer a spacious deck for ease in casting, comfort, and stability. Models range in size from 16'1" to 20'6".

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