Marine First Aid Kit
Be prepared for all potential emergencies at sea with a fully-equipped marine first aid kit.

All-purpose kits include quality name-brand products, such as pain relief, medicine antiseptics, injury treatment dressing, bandages, and more. A boat first aid kit often feature instructions on treating common illnesses and injuries, as well as advising on how to use the first aid products.

Components in these first aid packs are often organized into unique compartments or categorized into injury type (e.g. ointments and alcohol prep are sealed in plastic bags together) to make it that much easier to find the ideal injury treatment.

These kits come outfitted with such first aid supplies as -

Adhesive Bandages [various sizes] - Antibiotic Ointment - Antiseptic towelettes - Burn cream packets - Examination Gloves - Folding Scissors - Gauze pads [various sizes] - Gauze roll - Insect repellent - Lip protection - Medical tape - Motion sickness tablets - Sterile trauma pads - Sting relief pads - Sun block lotion - Tongue Depressor - Tweezers - 24 Hour bright stick.

First aid products of this nature often come in a hard plastic case, a durable, nylon bag or a compact plastic folder. If on the move in a PWC or open boat it can help to have first air supplies in a heavy-duty bag that's waterproof and equipped with self-adhesive hook or loop to mount almost anywhere.

Orion Safety Products offers a choice of first aid kits to suit a specific boater’s habits, whether on a runabout, a weekender adventure or blue water cruising these is a safety kit to help. All kits are packed in a soft PVC coated nylon pouch, with a waterproof zip lock and come complete with all supplies required for minor emergencies. Individual kits are devised for a Runabout - Fish n Ski - Weekender - Cruiser - Sportfisher - Daytripper - Inland - and Coastal user in mind.

In addition to marine use, these comprehensive kits can also double up as safety kits for a camping trip, to RV's, trucks, or workshop purposes. If hiking or backpacking, a nylon waterproof bag with full kit is often very light.

All in all, travel first aid kits come equipped with all essentials needed for fast and safe results out on a hunting, fishing or boating trip for 1 or 2 days. Be prepared for all emergencies, save-time and frustration with a convenient and economy kit created with a boat owner in mind.


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