Viking Life Raft
When discussing the joys and thrills of boating, we tend to forget the risks that are involved whenever we set out on the water. Just when we think that man has finally gained control over the sea, some tragedy will occur to remind us that we are human, after all.

Thank goodness for the Viking Company, the manufacturer of the Viking life raft. While most of us hope that we will never have to use their product, it is nice to know that it is there if we need it.

As the name implies, Viking was founded in Denmark forty-five years ago by Tage Sørensen. He began to design and produce life rafts to protect the lives of the Danish fishermen who frequented the North Sea, which contains some of the roughest waters and weather conditions in the world. Within a few years, the company began to produce life rafts for boaters that were located all over the world.

Today, this company offers a variety of life rafts for commercial as well as private use. One style of rafts that is available is the throw overboard version. These types of Viking rafts are made in different sizes ranging from a six-person raft to a twenty-five-person raft. They are designed with two individual buoyancy compartments (one is enough to keep these rafts afloat). They can be stored on a rack or in a cradle. These safety craft come in a rigid fiberglass storage unit to ensure their durability. These rafts also come equipped with life raft equipment that is required by SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) as well as emergency kits.

Viking also offers several types of yachting life rafts. The RescYou Pro is available in 4-, 6-, and 8-person sizes. This self-righting life raft has two-oversized entrances to make boarding easier. It also has two extra large zipper closures that you can use even if your hands are freezing and you are losing dexterity in your fingers. This raft is designed with two ballast bags that will enable this safety craft to remain stable even in the roughest waters.

There is also a large sea anchor included on board that can be used to keep the raft anchored in one spot. This can be a tremendous help to searchers and rescuers trying to locate the life raft.

The RescYou model of Viking life raft also comes in 4-, 6-, and 8-person sizes It has the large zippers and ballast bags as well. This model has automatic interior lights and a double insulated floor to help keep everyone safe and comfortable until help can arrive. This safety craft also has the large anchor to keep the craft from drifting aimlessly.

Another model of the yacht-style rescue rafts is the RescYou Coastal, the newest product in this line. This craft is especially designed for those who sail in the coastal areas that are close to rescue points. It has a canopy that automatically inflates that can save time that is better spent seeking shelter quickly. It also has a newly-designed boarding ramp for easy access from the water. This feature can prevent you from getting hypothermia if you become stranded in freezing conditions. Like the other models, this safety raft has the large ballast bags as well as the extra large zippers. It also has the same anchor system.

These are just a few of the many different styles of the Viking life raft that are available. To learn more about the whole line of Viking products, you can contact the company at +45 76 11 81 00 or visit their Web Page at


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