Online Boating Safety Course
If a novice boater and in need of basic boat handling skills, or even a more experienced yachtsman needing a refresher course, its often a benefit to research the availability of a online boating safety course.

Boat safety courses are useful in developing navigational and boating skills, with an option to take part in online study or sit in a classroom setting.

Tuition is available in the shape of General Boat Safety - GPS Navigation, Boating Skills & Seamanship - Jet Ski (or PWC) safety - and reading Nautical Charts - just to mention a few. All these options are open to the boating enthusiast with in person courses often instructed by a fellow boater, and onboard tasks supervised by a local boat owner.

Safety courses are open to boat or PWC owners of all skill levels, whether it’s advanced, intermediate or beginner, with instructions given on the basics to more technical and advanced topics. Dedicated class are open to a wide spectrum of boat owners, with an option to participate in a course for sailors, power boaters, to jet ski users, and anything else in between. Youth courses are also available, with a selection of fun classes for children within the 4 to 12 year age bracket.

On deciding on which boat safety course to take, it’s a crucial step to see if the exam to be taken complies to local state boating rules and regulations. Specific requirements can be found on a local states .gov website, in addition to more information on the availability of boat courses.

Boating safety courses can be located at the follow destinations:

Boat Ed - offers Online Boat License exams for 42 states - with the boater studying the official states boating safety manual in order to obtain a state approved boating certificate card.

As well as gaining confidence in handling a vessel at sea, other benefits come with obtaining a boat safety certificate. Boat owners with a completed safety course to their name often benefit from a discount on the annual insurance cost - resulting in a discount in the region of 10% to 15%. Boat insurance companies often state that a course taken is approved by the NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators).

Taking a boaters safety course is advantageous to preventing injury or accident, assists in building self-confidence of a sailor or power boater in need of learning the basics of boat handling, as well as navigation and charting knowledge.


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