PWC Covers
PWC covers are meant to keep a Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, or Polaris personal watercraft in a safe and sound condition whilst laid up ashore in winter time or during trailering.

Having a weather, rot, mildew and UV resistant cover on PWC (also known as Jet Ski and Waverunner) in place throughout the off-season is essential to stop dirt or water entering the engine or electrical components. As well as offering protection on a trailer.

The series of jet ski covers offers versatility in relation to style, color, and sizes to offer a perfect fit to all PWC models, with covers often seen to be built to fit a specific make or model of personal watercraft. Manufactured PWC covers are often of a more heavy-duty material then some of the aftermarket covers seen on the market.

A Sea Doo PWC cover is made of an all-new solution dyed material allowing ease in manipulation, with a strapless design and a increased factor for UV protection. These covers also feature a patented air release system, which is ideal for trailering a PWC down the highway.

A heavy-duty cover for use while trailering is designed to protect a PWC's body, paintwork, and graphical elements. A cover is secured with strong tie-down loops, with a access panel for re-fueling while still on its trailer, and a underside of a cover is protected with reinforced panels in areas that often experience high abrasion - all to cope with the rigors of trailering.

The aftermarket provides a immense selection of jet-ski accessories, such as covers, PWC Coversbumpers, and dock lines of varying qualities and prices. Concerns seen with low-quality fabrics include fading or a covers color transferring or bleeding to a watercraft.

PWC’s can be expensive pieces of kit, so a durable, custom fit Jet Ski cover is a wise investment. A marine grade PWC or boat cover is UV protected and water repellent, and comes in a multitude of sizes to accommodate a one-seaters, two-seater, or three-seaters watercraft. Personal watercraft covers offer a quick solution for all weather protection.


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