Pontoon Bimini Tops
Sleek-looking pontoon Bimini tops are designed to offer sun protection in a choice of fabrics and sizes to give the ideal degree of shade on board a party platform.

A pontoon boat top, composed of a solid aluminum square tubing frame, are foldable, and attaches to most pontoon rails. The roof often consists of a cloth or canvas cover, and to ensure a long-life, a storage boot can be used to offer protection in its stowed position. In addition, these Bimini tops are lightweight, so an ideal replacement for a hard top on a pontoon.

Before shopping for a bimini top it helps to make a note of a pontoons width, as well as to determine a desirable length and height for the top. It’s often possible to get recommendations on the most suitable options at a dealership on online retailer for a particular make and model of boat.

Carver Industries Inc. manufactures a complete line up of boat covers and bimini tops to accessorize a vast selection of boat models. The series of Square Tube Bimini Tops specific for pontoons offer a solid, rigid 1-inch tube rail satin-finish frame, quick release pins, and high-quality nylon fittings. Bimini tops are designed to fit 96" and 102" beam, with a height of 48" - 54", and a top length of 8 to 10 feet. Official site:

Accessories to complement the series of Bimini tops for boats includes a storage boot for protecting and securing the canvas in times of not being deployed, with these boot available in a choice of fabrics to complement the top, with a heavy-duty zipper that's resistant to effects of corrosion. All fittings for mounting a top, such as main-mount bolts, nuts, and tension straps. Or a rain shield to offer shelter in a rain storm, attaches to existing Bimini top, and constructed of a clear marine plastic material. As well as wiring to attach a navigation light if desired.

Bimini tops for pontoon boats are built in tough, marine-grade materials to withstand the often punishing marine environment, and available in a choice of styles, colors and fabrics to make all pontoons look like new.


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