Repossessed Boats for Sale

If in the market for a new Motor Yacht or budget friendly Runabout, repossessed boats for sale can offer a tremendous opportunity to locate a vessel at a marked-down price.

Sold at auction with a clean and clear title, repossessed boats for sale are priced to sell, often at an incredible price, to make finding a fully outfitted 310 Albemarle, a Bertram 36 Convertible or Laguna 190CC Bay to fit your finances a real possibility.

Repossessed boat sales are in effect objects that have been seized from their owners by a bank, mortgage company or similar financial institution due to defaulting on a loan - often after several months of non-repayments. A forfeited bank repossessed sailboat, motor-driven yacht, or PWC sold on to a dealer at a rock bottom price, has the benefit of saving you money, in some cases it can amount to a substantial saving - compared to similar aged vessel sitting on a boat dealers forecourt.

On top of that, seized boats also come up for auction, appearing as a result of a law enforcement agency confiscating assets due to illegal activities, such as narcotics smuggling or as a result of being impounded by a government agency, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) due to tax evasion, or other issues.

Boat Repossession Auctions -

National Liquidators - is the largest of the Boat and Yacht liquidation companies - with offices based at Fort Lauderdale-Florida, Capistrano Beach-California & Cleveland-Ohio. Vessels to be auctioned include Personal Watercrafts and Runabouts to Fishing Boats and Mega Yachts, to second-hand vessels. The auction inventory includes - Repo boats, Bank Repossession boats, Foreclosures and Government seized boats. Open to the public in general, as well as dealers, with auction bids made using a sealed bid system. National Liquidators can be contact at 800-633-7172 for general enquires or request a list of boats available for auction.


Harrison Marine - offers some of the best repo boats for sale in the Midwest, located at Harrison Township, MI. Harrison Marine, Inc. maintains a large inventory of bank repossessed boats to bid on, with inventory changes daily. Contact at 586 465-3054 to find a watercraft to fit you personal finances.

Prior to placing a bid on a pre-owned vessel, such as the boat repossessions for sale, read the seller's listing in full, noting the terms of sale, imperfections, sales tax, deposit required, etc., and view the images in detail.

Also, eBay is also a place to locate fish boats, motor-driven Boats, sail boats, and PWC of all shapes and sizes.

eBay Boats - often sold 'no reserve - highest bidder wins'. Search a fine selection of clean repossessed sailboats, open boats, trailerable’s, or PWC’s - all sold at knockdown prices. Popular Searches: Fishing Boats - Sailboats - Power & Motorboats - Personal Watercraft.

Personal and / or professional inspections are often welcomed prior to the close of a auction - If not mechanical minded, requesting the help of a qualified mechanic or marine surveyor could soon help to determine the average shape - though expect some neglect (hull a little bruised up, upholstery worn, missing electronics, etc.) to these bank repo boats. Also, take advantage of a test drive if the opportunity arises.

Repo boats often come minus a lot of its electronics (sonar or GPS units, VHF radios, depth sensors, stereos, fish finders, etc.), outboard motors or Bimini tops, as these easy-to-remove items, are often kept out-of-sight at the time of the repossession, and sold on by the vessels prior owner at a later date.

Some TLC or attention to a vessel that is a little bruised up (minimal nicks or scratches to the hull), but otherwise in perfect shape, could well mean someone ends up with an amazing looking vessel, with minimal usage, at sizable saving in cost.

Elsewhere, if preferring to avoid a search through a wide variety of auction sites offering repo boats for sale - it is possible to gain instant access to a database of 2,000 state, federal, and local government agency auctions in your local state or territory at a small fee, take a look at or another one that tracks seized boats and vessels is

Once in a while, a fabulous deal comes on to the market, a stunning 18 to 36-foot production boat with minimal hours of usage, and coming with minimal wear and tear - it’s just a case of locating the perfect vessel. Save thousands of dollars on bank-repossessed boats!


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