Electric Boats
Electric boats offer ease in handling, maneuverability, and minimal maintenance is required.

Electric boats have become popular in areas that have speed controlled restrictions or where No gas propelled boating is permitted. There are a variety of companies that manufacture high-quality electric powered boats -

• Duffy Electric Boat Company - started back in 1970 and offers a series of hand-laminated electric boats to offer strength and durability to high-powered electric motors, advanced charging and battery systems, in addition to custom amenities and luxurious interiors. Official site: www.duffyboats.com

• Lear Boats - began business in 2005 and manufacture the Lear 204 electric boat that represents the hallmark in design, style, function, and performance. Official site: www.learbaylor.com

• Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company - is a manufacturer of electric boats, such as the Loon - a 8 passenger solar-assisted electric pontoon boat, located at Starport Landing Marina, Ontario, and was founded in 2005. Official site: www.tamarackelectricboats.com

A fully charged electric battery ought to offer sufficient power to propel a water craft for up to 10 hours, and that's operating at speeds of 4 to 6 knots. On average, a depleted battery can be recharge in 12-15 hours or overnight. So this ensures that the craft is ready to set-off the next day. With the ideal care, a battery pack can last for three to five years before a replacement becomes necessary.

Overall, the electric boat is seen as an alternative to the loud outboard engines - its now possible to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a lake while still making good headway.


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