Two Man Pontoon Boats
Pontoon boats are becoming a popular item on many rivers and streams. You can double the fun by purchasing a two man pontoon boat.

Whether you are fishing or rowing down a river, this craft allows you to bring a friend along for the ride.

There are many models of these pontoon boats available. Creek Company offers the ODC 1220 which is a two man pontoon boat that has an aluminum frame that requires no tools to assemble. It has a forward fishing station that has a tall seat as well as a standing platform equipped with a leaning bar. This model also has a rear rowing station and a rowing frame that is equipped with three oar lock positions that have a width of 66” inches between them. Two three-piece, eight foot boat oars are included. This pontoon boat also has adjustable foot braces to accommodate any size of passenger and seats that are padded molded plastic.

The pontoon themselves measure 12.5’ long and are 20” in diameter. These are designed in a three-layer construction, the first layer being a 30 oz. PVC outside covering. The next layer is a 420 denier nylon inner liner while the last layer is 30 gauge PVC bladders. The pontoons are attached to the frame by cam-lock straps. A two-way pump is included with this model of two man pontoon boat. The price of this style of two-man pontoon boat is approximately $1,200.

The Fish Cat 13.0 is another two-man pontoon that is available in today’s market. This model has an eleven piece aluminum frame that can be easily assembled and broken down. It can also be adjusted to be a one-person craft as well. Its inflated size is 65”x13’ and has a tube diameter of 20”. This craft is constructed of 900/1200 denier PVC fabric that ensures this craft’s durability while the air cell material is vinyl with sewn seams. This model also has two-piece, 8’ oars and an anchor system included. The price for this two-man pontoon boat is $1700.

Another two-man model of pontoon boat is The North Fork Outdoors Drifter X2-Person Pontoon Boat. This craft has a 5 piece X5 frame that is made of Aircraft aluminum. It has a standing platform that slides out of the way when not in use as well as a leaning bar. It is constructed with Ferrari cloth pontoon material that is 36 oz. grade on the upper part, and 42 oz. grade on the lower. This craft has a diamond plate cargo deck and two adjustable padded seats. There are stainless steel adjustable footrests and bronze oar locks. This model comes with 8’ oars and an anchor system. It also has two side pockets for storage. This boat can also be used as a one-person craft. The price of this two-man pontoon boat is $3200.

These are just of a few of the models of two man pontoon boats that are available. To look at these or any other crafts, you can visit your local pontoon boat dealer or check them out on the Internet.


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