Pedal Boat
Easy to operate, safe, and comfortable, making them assessable to the entire family - the pedal boat is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the water and sunshine.

Some pedal boats even offer independent paddle power, so that you can go at your own pace and not have to keep up with a partner. Pedal boats are also seen as the environmentally friendly option to the noise and mess of a gas powered engine. And able to accommodate two to five passengers or more with ease.

Some of the manufacturers to produce pedal powered boats -

KL Industries manufacturers a series of pedal boats - including the Sun Dolphin, Sea Hawk, and WaterWheeler models, and began business in 1982. Official site:

Pelican International offers a series of pedal boats to suit 2 Adults, 3 Children, 2 Adults, 1 Child or 5 Adults and features 9 different models. Pelican Int. have been in business since 1968. Official site:

Aqua Cycle manufacture a series of quality aluminum pontoon pedal boats and electric paddleboats, and was founded back in 1968. Official site:

Nauticraft builds stylish and functional pedal, electric and sail boats - including the Encore, Escapade models and the Tributre sailboat. Official site:

Future Beach manufactures a series of fun, unsinkable and easy to handle paddle boats that are ideal for the lake or pond. Official site:

Peddel boats can often be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as a canopy to offer protection from the sun, cushions to offer that bit more comfort, mooring covers for the times its not in use, extra or replacement seating, or a electric motor to give a even more relaxing trip.

These lightweight pedal boat (also known as water bikes and paddle boats) are able to offer a high-performance that will bring unforgettable moments of enjoyment and hours of family fun.


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