Inflatable Fishing Boats
Inflatable Fishing Boats are incredibly versatile, lightweight, easy to use, and ideal for the fisherman on a budget.

And its an awesome all-round boat that isn't restricted to just being used for fishing - alternative uses include as a tender, skin diving, river running, camping, or pleasure cruising.

Sea Eagle offers a variety of inflatable boats, inflatable kayaks, and canoes - for the fishing enthusiast there's the Motormount Boats and the FoldCat Inflatable Pontoon Boat.

The Motormount is a rugged all-round boat featuring a stable fishing platform, easy to row, affordability, and still lightweight enough to transport to a nearby lake. And can be powered all day with on just a gallon of gas or if a lake restricts the use of gas, use a small electric motor. The SE 9 Fishermans package costs in the region of $500 and includes the boat, floorboard set, motormount, wooden bench, oars, & foot pump.

The Sea Eagle FoldCat features a unique folding frames that’s designed to be assembled within 5 minutes. And offers far more space than the typical pontoon fishing boat. The 440FC Anglers Package costs in the region of $2000 and includes the FoldCat boat, swivel seats, six rod holders, quick release seat mounts, 4 pedestals, oars, foot pump, and storage bag.

In view of the latest technology, a small fishing boat of this nature offers great reliability, and literally last for decades. Super thick materials are used so that the hull can take an incredible pounding without poking a hole in the hulls material.

For those with limited storage space, and not wishing to transport a boat over the cab, being able to carry a inflatable fishing boat in its bag and stowed away, is very convenient.


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