Pelican Boats
Pelican International Inc. manufactures a line of recreational boats - including a series of durable and affordable Kayaks, Canoes, Pedals boats, and Fishing boats, and was founded in 1968.

The series of Pelican Boats include the -

Kayaks - a line of durable sit-in (emphasizes tracking and speed), sit-on-top (versatile and instant enjoyment offered) or fishing kayaks (a fine balance, tracking and stability) are available to all those interested in fishing, hunting, or excursions. Offering safety, comfort and quality to all levels of paddlers. The sit-in recreational kayaks are ideal for the novice to intermediate paddler, and include six models - the Pursuit 140 - Pursuit 140T - Pursuit 116 DLX - Pursuit 100 - Break DLX & Break.

Canoes - a series of family leisure (superior stability and safety), recreational (ideal for the intermediate peddler), or sport-recreational (fishing and hunting enthusiasts) canoes are available for either a family escapade or athletic excursion through the calm waters. And include 5 different models - the Dare Devil, Colorado, and Touring with the family leisure range, the Navigator with the recreational range, and the Bayou 160 with the Sport-recreational range.

Pedal Boats - a series of lightweight and high-performing pedal power boats. Offered with three seating plans - the Cascade DLX, Breeze, Rainbow, Riviera, Flash and Monaco will take 2 Adults, 3 Children, the Splash and Fiji models take 2 Adults, 1 Child, and the Energy DLX will accommodate 5 Adults.

Fishing Boats - a line of modified V-hull (lightweight and stable), Jon boats (double hull construction), mini-pontoon fishing boats (excellent tracking and minimized side slipping). The modified V-hull series offers a choice of three models - the Predator DLX, Predator 103, and Scorpio, the Jon type includes the Gator and Intruder 12, and the Mini-pontoons feature the Rhino, Bass Raider 10E, Bass Raider 10, Bass Raider 8E, and Bass Raider 8

Pelican also offers a variety of accessories for its kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, and fishing boats, such as car top carriers, deck bags, spray skirts, paddles, and splash guards.

Pelican boats also produces utility sleds and winter toys.

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