Porta Bote
Porta Bote International manufacture a foldable, portable fishing boat that's able to fold to 4" (11.4cm) flat, and offers more stability than a fiberglass or rigid aluminum hulled vessel.

The series of Porta Bote models includes 4 sizes - 8'9" (2.85m), 10'8" (3.27m), 12'6" (3.85m) & 14' (4.28m), with a capacity to hold 2 to 5 passengers, and in 3 color choices - off-white, olive drab & aluminum. Once folded the thickness is the same for each model at 4" (11.4cm)

The Porta Bote models are designed to be versatile, and offers a variety of uses. Ideal to be transported on a car top or side or a RV, used as a sound platform for fishing or hunting, or to be used as a sailboat or rowboat. With a hull that's constructed of a high impact polypropylene material - which is held together with water-tight hinges.

Accessories include the Porta-dolly - necessary kit if the distance to the water is great, the Porta-sunShade[r] is the ideal canopy if the temperature starts to rise, in addition to a sail kit, and RV mounts.

Porta Bote is also known by the terms - Portabote, Porta-Boat, & Instaboat.

Official site: www.porta-bote.com


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