Sevylor Inflatable Boat
Sevylor® manufactures a series Inflatable Boats, Canoes & Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Tubes and Towable products for Water-sport and Recreational activities.

The Sevylor Inflatable Boats are split into the following categories - Caravelles - Hunting & Fishing - Pool Boats - Super Caravelles - and Tenders.

The Caravelle series consist of the 2 Person Caravelle (U280), 3 Person Caravelle (U281), and 4 Person Caravelle (U282). The Sevylor Caravelle Inflatable Boat series of all-purpose family recreational boats measure in at 6'6" to 9'2", and have been developed as a standard model in the industry. All inflatable’s are NMMA certified.

The Hunting & Fishing series consist of the Trail Boat (U215), 8' Fish Hunter (U220), 9'2" Fish Hunter (U221), 12' Fish Hunter (U222), Fish Ranger 280 (U210), Fish Master 325 (U211), and Sport Fisher[tm] (U242). The Hunt & Fish Inflatable Boat series measure in at 5'8" to 12'10", made of a durable PVC and nylon PU, and once deflated can be stored in a small duffel bag.

The popular Sevylor Fish Hunter series designed with a fisherman in mind, comes in 3 sizes, 8ft - 9ft 2" - and 12ft, and come equipped with special tunnel chambers, rod holders, large inflatable seat, and accepts a motor mount for an engine up to 2.5HP.

The Sevylor Fish Master 325 is built with a double hull construction fro a rigid and rugged ride, accepts a 3HP outboard, and outfitted with a slatted roll up floor, wooden bench, oar holders, and fishing rod holder.

The Sevylor Pool series consists of the 2-Person Pool Boat (U302), 3-Person Pool Boat (U303), and 4-Person Pool Boat (U304). These 3 chambered (1 in Boat - 2 in Floor) beach and pool boats offer a quality strong build with molded oarlocks and grab-line, and measure in at 6'7" to 9'2".

The Sevylor Super Caravelles series comes in 4 models - 2 Person (U270), 3 Person (U271), 4 Person (U272), and 6 Person (U273). These inflatable’s are constructed in a heavy, special quality PVC material, feature 2 molded oarlocks, tunnel chambers, and measure in at 6'6" - 11'1". Larger models can accept engine mount for an outboard up to 3.5HP maximum. All boats come equipped with repair kit.

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