Boat Trailer Fenders
If you are looking for a set of new boat trailer fenders, there are several brands and models to choose from.

One brand of plastic boat trailer fenders that is available on the market is the Wesbar Plastic Fenders. This style comes in 12”, 13”, and 14” sizes to fit over any size tire that your boat trailer may have. The fenders themselves are made from white polyethylene and come with a built-in skirt that will help protect your boat from dirt and debris that may fly up while you are driving to your destination. This brand also offers you the option to include integral step pads that are capable of supporting 300 lbs. and are slip resistance. The cost for these fenders is approximately $10 apiece.

Another brand of trailer fender is the Tie Down Engineering plastic fenders. These fenders come in black and white and are also made of high impact polyethylene. They are designed to fit any left or right 8” to 12” wheels. The cost of these fenders is also approximately $10 apiece.

Fulton Plastic Replacement Trailer Fenders are another brand of fenders that is available. This brand has one style that fits 8” to 12” tires and a style that fits a 13” tire. These fenders are also made of high density polyethylene and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, bumps, and low impacts. This brand also has a built-in skirt to protect your boat from debris and has the optional feature of the integral step pads that are slip-resistant and can support 300 lbs. These fenders only come in white and cost approximately $14 for the 8” version and $36.00 for the 13”one.

C. E. Smith manufactures a round aluminum tread plate trailer fender. This brand is made of 14 gauge aluminum and is protected with a PVC coating on one side to add extra protection against bumps and dings. These fenders are designed to fit 13” tires and small 14” tires. The round tandem fender fits regular 14” tires. The 13” style costs approximately $36 while the small 14” version costs approximately $58. The tandem version costs approximately $140.

Another brand of boat trailer fender is the Shipshape Round Trailer Fender. This style fits a 12” tire and is made of 16-gauge galvanized steel that helps to prevent rusting. These fenders are sold individually and cost approximately $20. You will also need to fender brackets for each fender which are not included.

The Shipshape Company also manufactures the Steel Boat Trailer Fender. This style is also 16-gauge galvanized steel and is flat-topped in shape instead of round as the previous model was. It is designed to fit a 14” to 15” tire and costs approximately $30 apiece.

You can find these and many other brands of boat trailer fenders at your local boating supply store or visit the many Web sites that offer these items on the Internet.


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