Aluminum Boat Trailers
The ideal aluminum boat trailers are aesthetically appealing and will arrive at that favorite boating spot time after time, with the least amount of problems.

The advantages of the aluminum boat trailer can be tremendous when compared to related materials, such as steel. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and rust, stronger than steel, paint treatment or galvanization isn't needed, and as a light weight material it will lessen the load on the towing vehicle and maximizes the on road performance.

There are a variety of manufactures that design custom trailers to cope with the tough salt water and highway conditions. Whether its for a small single axle trailer or a tri-axle heavy duty model for the larger craft, its shouldn't be a problem to locate a trailer to suit your needs.

Here are a few of the aluminum boat trailer manufactures -

• FastLoad Aluminum Trailers, Inc. are situated in Plant City, FL and offers the latest designs in custom boat trailers of all sizes. Official site:

• Great Lakes Trailers are located in Chesterland, OH and specialize in fabricating a choice of custom boat trailers, galvanized boat trailers, and aluminum boat trailers. Official site:

• Hi-Tech Marine, Inc. are in the Panhandle area, Panama City, FL and manufacture top quality aluminum trailers for the marine industry. Official site:

Irrespective of the type of craft - be it a flat bottom, modified V-bottom, V-bottom, Jon boat, bass boat, power boat, sailboat, pontoon boats, or jet ski - its important to locate the ideal aluminum trailers to suit the water craft in mind.


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