Boat Trailers for Sale
In order to protect the sailboat, inflatable RIB or jet boat its important to invest in a boat trailer that's capable of safely transporting the water craft along the highway to the destination of choice.

When looking at boat trailers for sale there are three basic factors to take into account - the boat length (excluding swim platform, if applicable), boat weight (wet weight - or a fully loaded boat), and the boat waterline-width.

Trailers are offered in three construction methods - the most solid option is the Tubular box frame trailer. Aluminum L-beam trailers are of a lightweight build, but offer less protection to the tubular design. C-channel trailers are the least expensive option and ideal for boats that fall into the lightweight category.

Boat trailers are just like any other piece of boating equipment; it needs to be maintain to be get the best from it. Once the off-season comes, its important that the tires are removed and the bearings, hubs and races are checked. Also, routinely check the tire pressure and tread wear throughout the season.

Loading or unloading the trailer is often via a manual winch for the smaller trailer, or an automatic winch for the larger model trailer. Most of the modern boat trailers are built in either a galvanized steel or aluminum construction.

Boat trailers can be costly pieces of kit, so its essential to seek out boat trailers for sale that match the actual hull construction - be it a flat bottom, V-bottom, power boat, sailboat, pontoon, bass boat or catamaran.


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