Kayak Trailer
The kayak trailer is the ideal transport solution for those paddlers that are tired of lifting a canoe or kayak onto the roof of a vehicle.

Kayak trailers come in a wide range of innovate designs and sizes to accommodate a single kayak, multiple, and with some trailers up to twelve sea kayaks can be carried with ease. Kayaks are protected with the assistance of cushioned or padded racks and to accept the various loads, the supports are adjustable. Also, some of the trailers come equipped with solid storage boxes to hold some, if not all the kayaking gear.

Here are just a few of the high-quality manufacturers of the kayak trailer -

Magneta - offer a series of canoe and kayak trailers in either galvanized steel or aluminum construction and able to accommodate one, two, four or ten kayaks. Official site:

Malone - offers a choice of sport trailers; with the ability to accommodate two or four kayaks and comes outfitted with a range of accessories and built with a galvanized steel frame.
Official site:

Trailerx - offer a series of ultralight aluminum canoe and kayak trailers that range from the light duty single carrier package to the trailer that's able to accommodate 16 kayaks and a Kayak Trailer1200lb capacity. Official site:

Rack and Roll - offers a high performance all aluminum sports trailer to transport kayaks, canoes, bikes or storage boxes, its whisper quiet and in view of its lightweight build its able to double up as a hand-cart, e.g. kayaks to the water. Official site:

A lot of the kayak trailer are made of aluminum, this is due to its durability, lightweight construction, resistant to rust, and offers a longer life-span.


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